To Funny so I had to Share

Hi guys, this post has nothing to do with books, at all, but OMG it was so funny to read this at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog
that I had to share it with you guys.

if you haventt heard of this blog before go stalked them now, i love that blog is so funny and whitty that im always going to their site just to see what new thing they have going on.
they are amazing and i love them.

This post was first published by Kat Kennedy
(I did ask for her permision to repost it here)
and to get the whole experience you need to hear
I like Big Butts (Rap Song)

Pre­sented to you with­out comment:

I like big ban­ners and I can not lie
You other blog­gers can’t deny
That when a site scrolls by with an itty bitty bar
And a round but­ton in your face
You get sprung
Wanna page-click tough
Cuz you notice that ban­ner was pimped
Deep in the theme it’s wear­ing
I’m sub­scribed and I can’t stop star­ing
Oh, blog­ger I wanna get with ya
And check your fea­ture!
My co-blogger tried to warn me
But that ban­ner you got
Make Me so linky!
Ooh, Ms. Smooth ‘shop
You say you wanna get in my blog roll
Well use me, use me, cuz your stats could use a groupie

I’ve seen them fetchin’
To hell with page stretchin’
It’s kept, prepped, got it goin like postin’ vet.

I’m tired of all those tips
Say­ing name-titles are the thing
I ain’t the aver­age blog­ger, man, so ask me that-
You gotta put that ban­ner back

So blog­gers (yeah) blog­gers (yeah)
Has your blog totes got the ban­ner? (hell yeah)
Well link it, link it, link it, link it, link that rockin’ ban­ner
Blog­ger got banner.

(Grade A font with a kick­ass theme)

I like ‘em wide, and big!
And when I’m postin’ a sig
I just can’t help myself
I’m actin like a twat­ter
Now here’s my twitter:

I wanna get you linked
And UH, dou­ble up: blog roll!
I aint talkin bout basic wid­gets
Cuz auto­play songs are made for noise
I wann’em real fat and spruicy
So upload that juicy png
Kennedy will squee
Beg­gin for a piece of that but­ton
So I’m lookin’ at your lay­out
Knockin those com­menters moan­ing ‘bout loads
You can have them loads
I’ll keep my ban­ner like a real pro
A word to pho­to­shop­pin’ sis­ters
I wanna chat with ya
I won’t beg or plead ya
But I gotta be straight when I say I wanna –
Pump you til the break of dawn
For all your edit­ing tips!
A lot of peeps won’t ‘like’ this song
Cuz them peeps have dial-up that will quit it
But I’d rather queue and view
Cuz I’m sweet and replete
And I’m down to get the blog­gin’ on

So blog­gers (yeah), blog­gers (yeah)
Do you wanna scroll through my links (yeah)
Then swivel down
Scroll it out
Then check my blog roll out.
Blog­gers got back

(Grade A font with a kickin’ theme)

Yeah blog­ger!
When it comes to pageviews
Bare ban­ners ain’t got nothin’ to do with my Word­Pressin’
Then sub­scribe at the bottom.

So your co-blogger wants small uploads
Checkin’ fancy scrolls instead
But scrolls ain’t worth the time ittakes for them codes
My roam­ing cur­sor don’t want none unless you’ve got ban­ners, hun
You can have side bars or but­tons, but please don’t lose that ban­ner
Some fol­low­ers wanna play that hard role
And tell you that the ban­ner ain’t sold
So they tab it, and leave it
And I link up quick to retweet it
So com­menters say it’s fat
Well I sure frown on that
Cuz your socials are small and your con­tent is kickin
And I’m thinkin bout stickin
To the ban­ner­less in the blo­gos­phere
You won’t miss a thing
Give me site I can’t resist, yeah
With a big ban­ner ‘cross the vista
Some will start a poll
Cuz your blog is on my roll
Ask­ing if big ban­ners will hit or miss ‘em
And I’ll scroll by with the best of ‘em
So blog­gers if a ban­ner be found
And you wanna throw your page link down
Type cuddlebuggery.com and kick them angsty thoughts
Blog got ban­ner
Blog got banner 

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