Dirty Little Secret #6

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"Say you're hosting a Christmas dinner party. Which three fictional characters would you like to invite?"
I would Pic Zadist from BDB, Rose Hathaway From VA and Jonas Wyatt from The Breeds by Lora Leigh. 
that would be a fun dinner Zadist bitching about everything and everybody, Jonas making threats and trying to outsmart the others and Rose messing with their heads will thinking how stupid, men are...
hahahaha i´ll back up Rose for sure lol!!!!  


  1. LOL at the Rose comment! Totally agree! I also said Rose would be invited to my dinner party! And Zsadist, I like him, but he's too negative for my dinner party. I'd definitely end up throwing my whole entire plate at him by the end of the night lol!

    Understanding Shae's Story

  2. Lol cracking answer.
    Zsadist is a tough call, i'd love to throw a dinner party for all of the brothers!... :-D


  3. LOL nice pick of characters! Zsadist will be an interesting choice but I don't know if the others would love to be with him! He's a bit scary!


  4. Ooh, Zsadist! *-* That would make for an interesting dinner party. LOL


  5. I chose one of the brothers as well! Z's a toughy though...a little cranky but it would definitely make for an entertaining night! Rose would definitely be awesome...talking shit about the other guest(manly men) and their antics! Great picks:)

    New Follower...My DLS!

  6. That would make an interesting party ;)

  7. Jonas would be amazing to have at a dinner party!!!!! I <3 him!


  8. Oooooh, Jonas and Zsadist together....mmmm. Testosterone overload! I would love an invite to that party.

  9. Great picks! I think a Brother is a must for any dinner party! lol