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Book Tag

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Questions given by TToria

1. Where in the world do you live?

I live in Tabasco, Mexico like 6 hours away from Cancun.

2. When and why did you start book blogging?

When i found Goodreads on September last year, i met a community of people that shared my passion for reading some of them encouraged me to open book addict and here i am, an avid book blogger that loves every single aspect of it.

3. Who is your favorite author?

Hard to pick just one, but i would have to say either J.R.Ward or Richelle Mead

4. What was the novel that first ignited your love of reading?

Errrr.... well actually it was Twilight, yeah i know not the great book ever but still, i liked it very much and it did compel me to keep reading when i finished the series.

5. If you had to choose one genre to read for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Paranormal Romance without a doubt

6. What book or series would you love to be made into a movie adaptation?

Vampire Academy, OMG that would be like magic for me

7. Who is your ultimate fictional crush and why?

Jonas Wyatt from Lora Leigh breed series, he´s sexy dark and dangerous but has a heart of gold plus he´s extremely intelligent and that is even sexier.

8. If you had the option of taking two random books by unknown authors or one of your favorite books, to a deserted island; which would you choose?

I would take Blood Warrior or Half Black Soul by H.D. Gordon and Dave Ferraro´s omnibus hehehhehe, that would keep me occupied while I either a) starve to death or b) a hot exotic man comes to my rescue ...

9. What was the last book you read that almost, or did, cause tears?

Taken by charlotte Abel i cried like a baby at the end, i still can´t believe it.

10. Has there been a novel so bad you've struggled to, or been unable to, finish it?

Hell yeah, House of night series, pick any book you want i struggled with it until i couldn´t keep reading that series.

My questions:

1.- What is your Favorite book ever?
2.- if you had to choose a character of one book to meet in real life, who would it be?
3.- If a thief entered your house to steal your library, what book would you try to save and why?
4.- If you were a character on a book what type of character would you be?
5.- have you found a book that made you cheer for the bad guy to win? wich book was it and why?
6.- who is the worst character you´ve found while reading a book?
7.- Do you choose your books by the cover of the blurb?
8.- Do you have any strange reading habits? if so what are they?
9.- Hardback, Paperback or ebook?
10.- Give a list of your top 5 book boyfriends....
I Tag:

Thanks so much Tt for the Tag, loved the questions!!!!!


  1. Thanks Karla for the tag! Congratulations to you too;D

  2. I loved it... I know I can't re-chose you, but thanks for picking me too :) I'll be posting mine today! I loved your answers too :)

  3. I finally did my tag post. Better late than never right?!