Starfire by Kate Douglas BOOK REVIEW

Format: Kindle Edition

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Publisher: Zebra Books; 1 edition (April 1, 2011)

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Language: English

Genre: Paranormal Romance ADULT

Source: Nicole Marie (Gift)



The women of Lemuria are still in chains. The daughter of an enslaved warrior, brutally attacked by a vicious guard, Selyn has survived--barely. Beaten and terrified, she must overcome her fear and trust her life to the only man who can help her: Dawson Buck, one from Earth who has crossed through the portal, a gifted healer. His skills and knowledge renew her body and strengthen her spirit--and awaken a compelling passion she has never known. But she cannot yield...

Selyn seeks revenge for herself and her mother and all the Forgotten Ones who toil in secret. If Dawson helps her, his own life may be forfeit. And for Selyn, true love does not ask such sacrifices. . .

My Review

Who would have thought that a geeky Veterinarian would be as apelling and interesting as Dawson.

Once again im in love with the characters of this series, not only did i find another BBF, but a story about redemption and standing up for what is right and protecting that what you value the most.

I love the plot of this series and the fact that old characters keep coming back, i was able to see how couples that i adored on previous books where doing, how the dinamics changed once new characters appeared, but most of all i was able to fall in love with every single couple once again.

this book is Sizzling, i got lost on Dawson´s and Selyn´s love story and there are a couple of hot scenes in a bathing pool that i re read quite a few times just for the pleasure of it, what can i say, im considering on buying a hot tube, it looks promising hahahahaha.

Im looking forward to read the next book, cant wait to read more about all of them, i know i just found another guilty pleasure,i have the feeling i´ll be re-reading this series for a long long time.

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  1. The cover looks awesome! and I am definitely going to take a look at the book now :) TAG! You're it! You've been tagged to answer a few friendly questions. Check out the link! http://behindamillionandonepages.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/you-caught-me.html