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About the Author

He currently live in Milwaukee, loves to read and write young adult novels when he´s not working to pay for his unhealthy habit of buying large quantities of graphic novels and comics.  he is the author of the urban fantasy series "Hunters of the Dark" and the gay teen paranormal romance "Twice Bitten."

The Omnibus Includes:

Teenager Shanna Hunt has been hunting demons since her parents were murdered by them. She's used to doing things alone, her own way, but one fateful night throws her into the company of a team of hunters, each specializing in a particular kind of monster: vampires, werewolves, witches, shape-shifters... This newly-formed team should be an unstoppable force for whatever is out there picking off individual hunters across the globe, but their first battle together against the monsters of the night could be their last.

An unexpected attack on Shanna Hunt and her new friends prompts the team of monster hunters to venture to Greece, where they encounter an abandoned city, ancient ruins, and a haunting mystery. Something has caused a mass evacuation of the city, something sinister that will stop at nothing to get what it wants. And if the powerful force lurking in the wings isn't enough to tear the team apart, perhaps the secrets they are keeping from each other are

Still reeling from the events of Greece, the hunters find themselves targeted by demons and werewolves. As they try to figure out who has marked them for assassination and why, Shanna learns more about who the mysterious figure Diana was, and about the people she is hunting alongside. After the dust settles, they will never be the same again.

18-year-old Rachel Thyme has been handed the opportunity of a lifetime when she joins an archaeological dig off the coast of Australia. Eager to have some experience under her belt, she doesn’t question the rumors the locals tell of the previous archaeology crews and the haunting disappearances. She ignores the first signs that something is wrong when her crewmates begin to do strange things, that propel them deeper into the bowels of Black Forest Island. But she can hardly write off discovery after discovery that lead her to confront a long-hidden tomb and puts into question what she thinks she knows about the supernatural.

Rachel wants nothing more than to prove herself on this excursion, especially as it was her daddy’s money that helped her land this job, and as she makes friends, and even sees a little romance, she discovers horrors she can hardly imagine, from evil slowly awakening around her, to the hidden demons locked in her past.

"The Tomb" is a stand-alone prequel to the "Hunters of the Dark" paranormal fantasy series.

Her Dark Destiny
I actually read a while back, here is the link to that review
My Review

I just love this series, i don’t know if it is cause it makes me remember my Buffy fan days or what, but there´s something really fun and appealing to me in this book.

Shana and the hunters have a great chemistry, so much that it feels like a brotherhood of sorts.
It was great to be able to read the books one after the other, I got trapped in a world of witches, vampires, werewolves  and every other supernatural being you can imagine.
This series is a fun easy read that make me had a great time.
The plot thickens at every page turn; new characters appear others vanish, there are some huge dramatic turns of events, which made me go “What????????” a couple of times.
The new characters are amazing and you can see new friendships being developed and older friendships getting stronger.
Dave Ferraro has a way to make you laugh out loud and snicker with his characters; the easy banter of the Hunter Team easily reminds me of the Avengers movie trailer that we are seeing everywhere right now.  It´s like watching Tony stark push the buttons of Captain America and Hulk over and over. (Yummy gotta love Robert Downy Jr.)
Anyway, if you are looking for a super fun read try this one out, I know I wasn’t disappointed. My only problem with this omnibus was that it ended LOL!!! I wanted to keep reading, but hey, next book might be coming soon, so now I have something to look forward too.

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