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I´m beyond exited to be part of this blog tour not only is Jus Accardo one of my favorite authors ever but I´m head over heels in love with the Denazen Series and Kale.

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Dez Cross has problems. She’s almost eighteen and on the verge of losing her mind thanks to the drug Denazen used to enhance her abilities. People close to her have turned their back on the underground and are now fighting for the wrong side. And then there’s Kale... Things couldn’t get any worse.
Until of course, they do. Denazen is about to start a new trial—this one called Domination—and it works. But that means out with the old and in with the new. The order has been given to terminate all remnants of the second trial—including Dez. The good news is that there’s a survivor from the original trial. A woman who’s blood may hold the cure for the second generation of Supremacy kid’s defect. But the underground Sixes aren’t the only ones who know about her.
Cross is willing to throw everything he has to keep Dez from getting the cure—including the one thing that might tear her apart from the inside out.

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About the Author

Jus Accardo spent her childhood reading and learning to cook. Determined to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps as a chef, she applied and was accepted to the Culinary Institute of America. At the last minute, she realized her path lay with fiction, not food, and passed on the spot to pursue writing.
Jus is the bestselling author of YA paranormal romance and urban fantasy fiction.
A native New Yorker, she lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband, three dogs, and sometimes guard bear, Oswald. Her first book, Touch was released in November 2011 from Entangled Publishing. She is currently working on the next book in the Denazen series.
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OMG!!!! I was beyond exited when I got my ARC, this book is beyond words amazing!!!!! I loved everything about it, the plot was EPIC.
When the book stared and certain character that I was dying to see was brought back I had my huge WTF face, I couldn´t believe what was happening. you Know, there was no way that, could end up right for everyone and I was certain at that point,  that the autor had to hate Kale and Dez.

Then the book started to morph wrongs started to turn right and more wrongs appeared. I swear this book is the best one on the series, very exiting!!!!
Kale  changed a lot and even though I miss his inocent, cute self. I adore this strong, sexy confident side of him. Dez is same old Dez but having to deal with everything thats diferent makes her grow somehow.

I hate to spoil books, but OMG guys this book is the hardest review I´ve ever had to write. I want to spoil it all so I can properly talk about how great it is. It truly is not posible for me to show you the 1,000,000 reasons why this book is sooooo amazing.
But I´ll try, no spoilers involved LOL!!!
1.- This book is super fast paced, full of action and romance. It was amazing watching this new side to Dez and Kale relationship. It was witty and fun, I can wait to see where theses twist and turns take them.
2.- Angst... just... let me.. catch my breath.... Yes, lots and lots of angst. at times I felt my heart being ripped out of my body with how much Dez was hurting it was amazing I love books that make me have an emotional response.
3.- Kale, Kale ohhh Kale!!!! this guy alone is enough reason to devour the book and drool all over the pages.
4.-  Brandt!!!! squeeeee we get to see Brandt, I love him, love him love him and being able to see him and know a Little about Devin too.
5.- OMG the twist and turns this book has. I was left trembling thinking... that didn´t just happened and then BAM something else did and then...
Tremble by Jus Accardo is a perfectly executed, amazingly weaved masterpiece that left me praying to have the next book right now

 By far the best book in the series so far.
Books like this one are the reason why Jus Accardo is one of my Fav. authors of all time.
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