A Winter´s Respite Read-a-thon 2012 minigame winners

Hi guys as you may have noticed the Read-a-thon its wrapping up so I´m taking this opportunity to thank you all for participating in this Mini game, it was really fun.

here are the list of winners and the pic. of the sentence they used

1.- Srivalli
Sentence: Smoked Water Blue Eyes Venetia, the Girl of His Dreams.

2.- Michelle
Sentence: Wild Mind:  The Secret History, Gone with the Wind.

3. - Naida

Sentence: Oh, Juliet Chasing Windmills, The Greatest Love on Earth

Amazing guys!!!! so as you guys may know, now you are the official winners of the ebook prices.
 I´ll send you an email shortly with either your ebooks or the emails from wich they will be delivered.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Thx to all af you who took part on this Mini Game hopw to see you around Book Addict.

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