Sweet Blood Of Mine by John Corwin ARC Review

Edition: PAperback
Pages: 306
Expected publication: April 26th 2012 by Raven House
ISBN 0985018100 (ISBN13: 9780985018108)
language: English
Genre: URban Fantasy

About the Author

John Corwin has been making up stuff all his life. As a child he would tell his sisters he was an alien clone of himself and would eat tree bark to prove it. For John, making stuff up was about one thing: teasing his sisters.

In middle school, everything changed. A class assignment to string random words together into a coherent story led to the birth of Fargo McGronsky, a young boy with anger management issues whose dog, Noodles, had been hit by a car. The short story was met with loud acclaim from classmates and a great gnashing of teeth by his English teacher. At this point, John realized that making stuff up had broader uses.

Years later, after college and successful stints as a plastic food wrap repairman and a toe model for several well-known men's magazines, John once again decided to put his overactive imagination to paper for the world to share.

My Review

Take a hopeless romantic, give him sexual super powers and you get a one of a kind ride through paranormal lane.

Justin Case is not your regular nerd, he´s got man boobs, a low self esteem and the most amazing sense of humor ever; to top that he discovers he´s half incubus at the same time that a chain of supernatural events disrupts his life in more ways than one.

What happens when a Nerd is paired with a Smoking hot Ninja Vampire Goth Girl...?

True love can be found on the most unlikely places, but is love strong enough to conquer hate, political stands, racism and unnatural differences?

Sweet Blood of mine has it all, an underdog journey of self discovery, action, romance and magic.
This books is a must read; John Corwin´s unique writing style is sure to trap you into the story and Justin´s journey from zero to hero will definitively make you fall in love with him.
SBoM will have you laughing out loud at the wee hours of the morning…

A neutron walks into a bar and asks how much for a drink. The bartender replies “For you no Charge”…

Hehehe sorry couldn´t help myself I’m a Sheldon Fan but I swear “I am not crazy; my mother had me tested” you need to get your hands on this enthralling book, you won’t regretted.

John Corwin did it again, he made me fall in love with a story that has me cheering for the sexy geek guy to experience love under the must adverse circumstances.


  1. Love the butterfly!

    Now it's a toe model? LOL

  2. I love John's books so I'm sure I'll love this one. I do wish he would gome out with a sequel to The Next Thing I knew, It's awesome.