Blood of a Red Rose Blog Tour and Review

Hi guys, im proud and honored to be a part of this blog Tour, Tish Thawer is one of my fav. authors and I love this series like you guys can´t imagine.

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Edition: Kindle

Publisher: Amber Leaf Publishing (April 23, 2012)

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services

Language: English

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Book 2 in The Rose Trilogy. A paranormal romance that continues to surprise with a heroine that’s embracing her darker side, a vampire whose love starts to waver, and a vampire clan whose new Sire is filled with doubt.

Doubt blooms..
Someone bleeds...
Change is coming...time to take heed.

~ ROSE ~
I'm Rose Reynolds. I’ve shared my secret and ruined lives. I’m no longer welcome in my childhood home.
And, I’ve recently threatened to kill my best friend. I warned you - I'm not as innocent as everyone thinks…

I'm Christian and I’m worried about Rose. She’s changed and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. She knows my secret and loves me still. This I know, because I’m starting to hear whispers wherever I go…

My Review

You guys probably have seen other posts on my blog about Tish Thawer a review, a tour, interview and even giveaways of her books have been and will be posted here from time to time. Why because I love her books that´s way LOL!!!
This time I’m honored to host a stop on her new tour for Blood of a Red Rose the second installment on the Rose Trilogy.
This book is simply amazing when I finished reading Scent of a white Rose (Book 1) I was excited and dying to get my hands on this baby right here, cause I was shocked at the way things ended and I needed to read some more.
So obviously when Tish asked me if I wanted to be on the tour I said “OMG… stutter, stutter… OMG, HECK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!
So here I am after reading this book trying to find a way to convince Tish to give me a super advanced review copy of the next book cause OMG this was amazing.
I don’t think that I can even form a coherent thought about it. I love Christian he´s hot in a cute; I´m so in love with Rose and would do anything for her, can’t live without her kinda way.
Rose has changed some due to well life and is getting moody she loves Christian but fear and doubt have a full on hold on her that might Tip the balance to the wrong side. (See no coherency)
Anyway I loved this book, the fact that the pov changed, helped me get into the story and into the mind of the characters (this is a first for me I usually don’t like pov changes) I was a goner after reading maybe 20 pages.
This book has a great rhythm it´s full of angst and had me glued from the start.
Tish Thawer found a way to keep me enthralled, I was so into the book that I didn´t even noticed I was about to finish it until I hit next page on my kindle and found… nothing!!!! I almost hyperventilate.
I can wait to read more of this amazing trilogy and find out, what will happen to Rose and Christian? What will happen with her dad? Is love stronger than everything else? Will evil win? Will they survive?
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  1. Ooo, sounds fab! Thanks for putting this series on my radar, adding Scent of a white Rose to my tbr list on Goodreads :-)

    Vix @ ttoria.blogspot.com