Team ObsiDivaian Video for #DAEMONINVASION

Hi guys as you know there´s a HUGE event going on, on twitter called


I´m very proud of being a part of it, as Elite Team Leader for Team #ObsiDivaian so I made this Obsidian by jennifer L. Armentrout and #daemoninvasion Vid.

First time I´ve ever done something like this so pls be gentle lol


If you guys haven´t read this book, you guys are missing out on something amazing.
anyway i would love to hear feedback from you, I discovered that I love making vids and I really want to get GOOD!!! at it, so any pointers and do´s and dont´s are welcome encoraged and very apreciated.

Now, run to twitter and look for #daemoninvasion
you´ll have a blast



  1. Fun video! I like that you used VD and Damon!

    New follower here!;)

    glass @ I'm a reader, what about you?

  2. thx for dropping by Glass, Ian it´s just hot that he might be in every video i make lol!!!