Dark Light of Mine by John Corwin COVER REVEAL

Hi guys I have an Amazing Cover Reveal for You, isn´t it beautifull?
Cool Background, Sexy Girl, Swords =D
It just screams pick me up and read me!!!!!!!

Early Praise for Dark Light of Mine

"Takes off like a shot and never lets up. Dark Light of Mine left me weak in the knees and begging for book three." --Alana, DARK OBSESSION CHRONICLES

"Dark Light of Mine grabs you from start to finish. Corwin's vision of the Overworld is filled with vibrant characters and vivid details." --Chelle, VICARIOUS REVIEWS

"Has all the witty charm of Sweet Blood of Mine but with even more action and mystery packed in…Dark Light of Mine is a fantastic sequel." –BeckyLooHoo, GOODREADS

"Dark Light of Mine takes the panty-dropping power of Sweet Blood of Mine and pushes it into panty-melting territory."

"Vampires, werewolves, felycans, and incubi are just the tip of the paranormal iceberg…Dark Light of Mine brings them all together to create a thrilling and humorous journey!" --Bookworm, LIGHT MY PANTIES AFIRE REVIEWS

"Corwin pens another laugh-out-loud page-turner for lovers of YA and Adult paranormal alike. No one wrote Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance like this when I was a kid!" --t'irla, BOOKSLAYER

"Dark Light of Mine made my inner goddess squirm in her seat and shout, 'Oh my!'"   

Favorite Quotes

"I looked at her like I'd just seen a miniature Elvis break-dancing on her head."  
"What was it about women and crying that made me feel like crap? They must have guilt pheromones in their tears.
"'Hop on my back if you want answers.' Did I really just say that?"   

"If only I had a bottle of Axe Body Spray to dump on the ground."  
"One of the men reared his head back and loosed a chilling inhuman howl which about made me wet my pants. It was a howl of despair and hopelessness. Resistance is futile, it seemed to say." 
"No wonder Edward was such a crazy driver," I muttered.
"Who's Edward?" Elyssa asked.
"You know, from Twilight."   

"Ready for your first lesson, cupcake?"
"Can I finish my blasted story? We'll get to supernatural kindergarten later."   

"Does this mean Harry Potter really exists?" 

"Those are Klingon and Federation ships," I said. "You're a nerd, Shelton, but, holy crap, do I love this."

"Like the Matrix?" "Except in this case, there is a spoon and you can make it bend by editing the laws on a tiny scale." 
If you guys haven´t read the first installment on this series guys what are you waiting for?
 This series you dont want to miss; is funny, witty and full of action.
 so go, click clicky on the link bellow and buy Book one ASAP.

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Dark Light of Mine
July 2012


  1. I love cover reveals. This one was outstanding. :-)

  2. Em!!!!!!!!!!! so gald to have you back, i´vebeen missing you like crazy =D how yourmom doing?