There´s Changes and BIG Changes

Hi guys, This is me again to drive you crazy hehehe.

this is just a quick post about some changes that are going to happen soon.

First Book Addict is going to be Revamped a new Full Custom Design by the Amazing Regina Wamba
http://www.maeidesign.com/ im super exited about this YAY!!!!!

I wanted to let you know guys cause im going to have a huge Revamp Giveaway so stay tune for more news on that.

Second Book Addict is going to move, yeah you heard me right. I have my own domain now and as soon as it is set and I can migrate everything I´ll let you guys know hehehe.

One big thing is that, as you know Goggle Friend Connect doesn´t suppport none blogger sites so  for you guys that follow via GFC im so sorry about that, but I just added Linky and Networked blogs so you can follow me that way if you want.

share your thought with me and if you guys have experience with migrating sites please share cause it truly is a pain in my behind LOL!!!!

Love you guys and stay Tuned for more Big and Exiting news!!!!!!!!


  1. I have thought about moving but yeah think too much work but I will make sure to follow you linky so I can move with you!!! Good Luck:)

  2. Thanks Krista yeah, it´s apain and lots of work but hopefully it will be for the better =D

    thx for folowing =D

  3. How exciting!!! Moving anywhere can be so much fun. I'm so happy for you. We'll all follow you wherever you go. I can't wait to see the new site. Have fun & good luck.

  4. Dynie!!!!! hello there im super excited about the changes i wont go far though hehehehe ohh and the new url is going to be http://www.abookaddict.com it isnt up yet but i´ll let you know as soon as it´s working lol!!!!