Her Forgotten Betrayal BOOK REVIEW

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Publisher: Entangled Publishing (Dead Sexy) (June 14, 2012)

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Shaw Cassidy’s nightmares are shredding her sanity. Her global empire, her freedom from federal prosecution for espionage, and her life are all on the line. Long-ago secrets of love and betrayal swirl like living fire through her dreams until she doesn't know whom she can trust, or who is out to hurt her.

Federal Marshal Cole Marino has one mission: infiltrate his former lover's mountain retreat and force her to remember the shooting that triggered her amnesia. But when Shaw questions Cole's motives, and his lies are revealed, will the connection they've begun to forge be torn apart, or will the soul-deep bond they once had save them both and crash through Shaw's amnesia, once and for all?

My Review

I really liked Anna DeStefano´s writting style, the romance and the susppence where great on this book. she can really capture your atention with her writting and knows exactly how to spice up the pages.

Shaw as a character was amazing cause we couldnt really know much about her cause she looses her memory due to a traumatic event but the way her character grows as teh book progresses was very well planned and executed.

Cole Marino, well what can i saw other than OMG FBI agents are H.O.T!!!! yeah if you´ve ever dream of feeling pettite and femenine in the arms of a man, Cole Marino is that man.

I really enjoyed this book and i´ll def. be looking for more titles from Anna Destefano

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