No Mercy by Shannon Dermott BOOK REVIEW

Published (first published July 24th 2012)             

Edition : First

Language: English

Series: Cambion #2.5

Print Length: 76 pages




This is a novella in the Cambions series that should be read after Waiting for Mercy.

Warning - this book is intended for mature audience. Excessive language and sexual situations may not be suitable for younger teens.

Best Friends until the end huh?

Flynn McAllister, bad to the bone, at least that’s what the girls say about him, is heading out of town for the weekend. He’s meeting up with a girl he met last summer. She and her sister will keep him and his best friend busy for the weekend. At least that’s what he thought, until a girl and other things get out of hand.

Luke Bishop isn’t an angel like everyone thinks. Okay, technically, maybe. But when it comes down to it, actions speak louder than words. And his shout that he’s more than what meets the eye. Getting out of town is a welcome idea. He just didn’t plan on meeting her and all the hell came with her.

My Review

First I Want to take some time to thank Shannon, I was a Beta reader for this book and I loved every second of it. If you´ve followed Book Addict for some time you know that I love Shannon´s books and that the Cambion Series is one of my favorites.

Anyway I was very very lucky to be among the few that Beta this book, partly becouse it was a small novella and partly cause Shannon has had some serious problems with piracy and thats what makes this book even more special to me cause, Shannon Dermott trusted me enough with her work to know that I wouldnt share it no matter what.


Ok, ok that´s sugar for another coffe LOL!!! so lets get back with the Review.

I Loved, loved, loved this novella, it truly gave me an insight on Luke´s and Flynn´s friendship and why despite what has happened on the series they remain friends of sorts LOL!!!

The fact that we get to see another side of look was amazing, his mister goody two shoes routine gets a bit shaken after everything we learn here.

Flynn is my favorite and i still support him all the way I really hope that he has a happy ending cause he´s so cute and really just a good guy. It´s pretty funny if you ask me cause know after reading this novella I got the feeling that  Flynn is the sheep in wolf Clothing LOL!!! and Luke, well our Angel boy has way more bad in him that we new .

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