Darker Days by Jus Accardo ARC review

I got an ARC!!!!!!!
of the must amazing book ever!!!!!!!
It´s no secret that I have fangirled all over the place about Jus Accardo and her amazing books and this time is not the exeption LOL!!!

Book Info
Publisher: Entangled: digiTeen
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English
Expected Publication Date
August 19, 2013
Author Giveaway Winner
Jessie Darker goes to high school during the day, but at night she helps with the family investigation business. Cheating husbands and stolen inheritances? They’re your girls—but their specialty is a bit darker. Zombie in your garage? Pesky Poltergeist living in your pool? They’ll have the problem solved in a magical minute. For a nominal fee, of course...

When gorgeous new client, Lukas Scott, saunters into the office requesting their help to find a stolen box, it sounds like a simple case—until the truth comes out. The box is full of Sin.

Seven deadly ones, in fact.

They’ve got five days to recapture the Sins before they're recalled by the box, taking seven hijacked human bodies with them. Easy peasy—except for one thing...

There’s a spell that will allow the Sins to remain free, causing chaos forever. When the key ingredient threatens the life of someone she knows, Jessie must make the ultimate choice between love and family—or lose everything.
OMG guys this book is just WOW!!!!, I loved it beginning to end.
Jessie Darker is Awesome, she´s got the witts and the moves to be the ultimate heroine, she´s fuuny and Smart, she even has some jazz LOL!!!!

This book was all kinds of fun, Jus Accardo has a winner with this new series of her. From zombies to demons this book has it all.

Imagine a small town being run over by the 7 sins, you know Brad Pitt and a Morgan Freeman those Seven Sins =S. not only are they running around creating mayyhem, they also took the bodies of "Inocent people" so there´s no easy way to get read of them either.

Jessie´s mom is priceless and creates a unique and fun bond on the book. this woman is full wicked charm and imagination too make her daughter do stuff she hates to do. and OMG the father of Jessie he has this evil charm. Gotta love this two, and being spawned by them sounds wicked awesome LOL!!!

This book is full of choices, really hard choices that Jessie has to take in order to... hehehe you would want to know hahahaha, nope no spoilers here, but the things is she does have to make a lot of very difficult choices but very important ones that will for sure define the curse of this series in the future.

Jus Accardo is by far  one of my fav. authors ever, here is a list of why.
1.- she created the most amazing characters ever on this book.
2.- the background of the characters is spot on perfect
3.- the world building is the best I´ve seen from her and that is saying a lot cause she´s a master at world building.
4.- HAWT guys!!!! Heck Yeah Lucas!!!! Le Sight, he´s a panty dropper perfection to be meet.
5.- the pacing on this book is plainly perfect.
6.- descriptions: this book is like watching a movie, I could see it all in my head no need to double think a thing just 100% Green.

Did I mention that Jessie also has the best worst pet ever?????
OMG thats soome funny thing right there LOL!!!
This book is briliant, it did everything it had to, got me crazy about all the characters, made me love the story and has me dying to read the next book.
Bad Thing, ths book isn´t even out yet!!!!!!!
So I´m dying to read a book that Probably the author is still writting when book 1 meaning this baby I have here, is going to be released in about a month.
Ohh the life of an addict reader, and the pain we have to endure until we get our hands on the book we want, Le sight...

Eh.... Sorry about that, anyway you guys need to pic this book up as soon as it´s out!!!! it really is that good!!!!!


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