Lost to the Desert Warrior by Sarah Morgan ARC Review

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Date: September 1, 2013
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Walking into the lion's den unprotected, Princess?

For Layla, princess of Tazkhan, her arranged marriage means one thing a lifetime of cruelty and captivity. Such an unendurable prospect drives her to throw herself at the mercy of Sheikh Raz Al Zahki her family's greatest enemy!

Raz demands one thing in return for the safe haven Layla is seeking this brooding desert king wants to make her his queen! Her freedom might be secured, but now her heart is at risk, for soon she's lost to the scorching heat of their marriage bed. However, it will take more than fire to thaw her guarded husband.

Hawt, Hawt, Hawt  that´s the first word that comes to mind after reading this book, at some point all girls myself included day dreamed about a knight in shinning armor coming to rescue the damisel in distress (Meanig me) from a world of doom. Never once did I thought that said knight would appear in the form of a sun kissed warrior king from the Desert. Picture Laurence of Arabia but really Hawt LOL!!! like the guy that was supposedly expeled from Saudi Arabia for being too handsome, yup picture him.


Anyway after drooling a bit, over this Guy, that just WOW!!!! those eyes and that smile is just... Errrr, where was I?.. oh yeah book review  right.
So, Layla (Our Damisel in distress) seeks help from this Sexy God!!..I mean´t to say something else, but that works too. So she seeks his help and ends up marring him, whel it was more like a merger but it didn´t stay like that for long
So one thing let to another and as some of you may now for a marriage to be absolutely legal, it has to be consumed so, yeah this book is one HAWT read!!!!
This guy  has bed skills and then some LOL so much that I spent half the book fanning myself and the other half drooling over what could and would happen next LOL!!!!
I adored this book is a very fast, sexy and easy read that sums up that Love can be found on the more unexpected places with the most unexpected people.
I can´t wait to read more from this author.
I wish I could tell you more about this book, but it is an ARC and this is a no spoiler Zone, so i wont spoil it for you no matter how much I want to. All I can say is, that there´s some pretty sexy scenes on it and it was amazing seeing Layla get to know herself and get comfortable under her skin an well Raz, he´s perfection!!!!!!!


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