Dirty Little Secret #8

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Who is your favourite alpha and second-in-command team?
WOW! thats a hard one ( no pun intended) hehehe, but i guess i would have to go for Callan Lyons and Jonas Wyatt  from The Breed by Lora Leigh; its not exactly and alpha and a second in command but OMG!!!!They´re  HAWT!! dark and mysterious plus they can kick some serious butt.

Did i mention that they are Yummy as hell?... no?.. sorry my bad!!!!!!


  1. Ooooh yes!! The feline breeds. Jonas and Callan are wonderfully alpha. Great picks. Just love that series to pieces.

  2. *Drools* Nice pics!! Lol!
    Here's my DLS: http://ttoria.blogspot.com


  3. Oh, Gods.... Lora Leigh. Callan. Gaaaaaaaaah. Sorry, I can't really formulate phrases right now. LOL

  4. I've not actually read this series - really need to get my arse in gear, LOL

    Loving the hottie pics though *growls*

  5. I've heard so many great things about that series. Need to start reading that.

    My DLS

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  6. Oh yes they seems to be super hot! I didn't read this series but with a pick of Alcide to represent them, I will love them anyway!

  7. Don't know the books, but dang look at those abs! yum!

  8. Love this series too. Never really sure if Callan and Jonas are friends or rivals.

  9. Oh yeah! Jonas!!!!!!! Jonas and anybody really (preferably me???)


  10. I have had this series in my TBR pile for a while now, I am def. going to have to get to it soon!

  11. I definitely need to pick up another LL. So far I've only read one and found it to be just okay, but she's so popular that I think she deserves another round.