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Hi Guys welcome to my stop on the Half Black Soul Blog Tour.
 As you may have noticed H.D. Gordon is one of my all time favorite Indie Author out there, Half Black Soul is Book #2 on the Alexa Montgomery Saga, and I´m super excited of having the Chance to be part of this.

Blood Warrior is the frist book on this Saga on i love it beyond words.
Im going to tell you a little secret, so please don´t tell no body else this purely between you and me, ok?

This book is currently  available on paperback here https://www.createspace.com/3760638  pls, pls, dont tell anybody else you know its a HUGE!!! secret  :D

Anyway Half BlackSoul will be avaiable for sale on Jan 31st and I can tell you guys both this books are a must read and that H.D. Gordon is going to be a Super Star soon, so you need to go get this books ASAP.
For this Tour I had the pleasure to Interview one if the Sexiest guys Ever, I begged, whined and slept on the front steps of his cabin, until he agreed to do this hehehehe.
This is my review of the first book and after that you guys will have a chance to get to know a little more about:


My Review

Blood Warrior is the best Debut Novel out There...

First of all i was traped by Alexa and her strange home from the start her mother rules and strange behaviour, traps you in the same "what´s the hell is going on" that Alexa is feeling and you can´t keep but feel sorry for the girl and at the same time intrigued by it.

Her sister Nelly is adorable and at the same time I keep thinking there´s some thing more to her that I can´t put quite my finger on.

and please don´t make me start with Wolf boy, I mean I want one of those, he´s like the best friend anyone should have, you know the sexy, always there for you and will take care of you and yours till my last breath kind of friend.

the story is extremly intoxicating you get trapped in Alexas inner turnmoil in every page turn, also when KAYDEN appears oh my!!! well that would be rambling on my part but OH MY!!! I want a piece of that!!! lol.

Anyway I loved this book and I even felt dissapointed that it ended I wanted so much more, I still do, and will be waiting for the next one that I hope will come out soon enough.

So if you loved VA this is something you should really consider reading.

Half Black Soul, Book Two on the Alexa Montgomery Saga is Schedule to be released on January 31st and i´m dying to get my hands on it so I can have my fill!!!!

Kayden´s Interview

1.- What was your childhood like?
I take a moment before speaking, the question catching me off guard. My eyebrows draw together as I try to remember what life was like back then. “I spent a great deal of time with my older brother,” I say “He was my hero. When I wasn’t with him, I preferred to be by myself. I never craved relationships with friends, and I still don’t. My mother was a good woman. She raised both of us by herself. I still don’t know how she did it.”
2.- How and when did you realized you were the last of your kind?
I stare down at my hands for a moment, an image of my mother passing through my head. I feel like it’s been an eternity since I last saw her. A small ache slowly spreads out across my chest. “My mother used to tell me that I was ‘special’,” I say. “I wouldn’t understand what she meant for a very long time.” My throat feels dry, and I swallow to try and soothe it.
3.- Can you tell me about your Sister-in-law and niece?
I sit silently for what seems to me like a very long time. What is it she wants me to say? I don’t want to say anything at all. I clear my throat. “They’re wonderful people,” I say. I hope the look on my face makes it clear that this is all I am willing to share.
4.- What did you think the first time you saw Alexa?
A small smile finds its way to my lips. Alexa. What did I think? I thought it was hard to breathe. “I thought that life as I knew it was about to change,” I say.
5.- What does Alexa means to you?
This I don’t have to pause for. I decide to answer the question with a question. “What does that muscle pumping blood in your chest mean to you?” I say, and sit back in my seat.
6.- What do you think of Jackson?
Jackson who? I think, but I know who she’s talking about. The wolf. The boyfriend. The boy. I suppose, if I’m being fair, he’s never given me a reason not to like him. Well, not really. “He seems like a nice kid,” I say.
7.- What did you feel when you had to fight Alexa in the Arena?
I’d known this one was coming. I take a deep breath. “I felt like I deserved to be burned at the stake,” I say, but that isn’t quite right is it? What I felt? I felt despicable, vile, and mostly, ashamed. So very, very ashamed. I won’t tell her that it was one of the things that I would regret for the rest of my life.
8.- Why didn´t you kissed Alexa when you had the chance?
I smirk, and don’t answer. Eventually, she moves to the next question.
9.-  you talk a lot about Alexa but you don’t seem to talk too much around her, why is that?
I think a lot about Alexa. “I’m not one for conversation,” I say.
10.-  What are your  plans regarding Alexa and what do you think about her quest?
Regarding Alexa? All my plans regard Alexa. “To help her in any way I can,” I say. I pause for a moment, wondering what more I should say. “Alexa is noble,” I add. Young, stubborn, but noble. “Her quest is noble, too,” I say.
One last thing, if you could tell her something right now, that she´s alone looking for her mother and with danger surrounding her, what would that be?
Easy, I think. A half smile comes to my lips. “Don’t die,” I say.
There guys that was Kayden i gotta say he´s one tough cookie but i did my best between drooling and batting my lashes I think this went quite well LOL!!! bad thing about this interview, he didn´t ask for my number, but hey it least i slept on his door step and got to talk to him for a bit, hehehehe!!!
hope you liked my stop and REMEMBER if you comment on every stop you´ll have a chance to get a paperback copy not only that but a SIGNED copy so go, go, go, comment!!!!

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