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Hi Guys as always i have like the best luck ever, a couple of weeks back I was invited by the lovely Tish Thawer  to be a part of her Book Blog Tour.
Scent of a White Rose is expected to be published by Amber Leaf Publishing on January 10th 2012, and I can tell you is a great read.
 the Characters.

I'm Rose Reynolds. I have recently lost my Mom in a "freak accident". Now everyone sees me as an innocent girl.... a “white Rose”. But I have a secret that no one can imagine. I'm not as innocent as everyone thinks....
I'm Christian and I'm in love with Rose. I also have a secret as old as time. I'm a vampire. No, she doesn't know... yet. But when our new Sire is revealed, I'll be petitioning them to change her. Because truly, I can't live without her....
The Book
Scent of a White Rose
Format: Kindle Edition
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Publisher: Amber Leaf Publishing
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Language: English

The artistic cover had me looking at it over and over again, I loved the way the smoke seems to become a female an it makes me wonder "who that woman is"
The eyes of the girl have a story of their own they are so inviting but at the same time, you know there´s some big secret hidden there.
One of the best covers i´ve seen in a long while.

I asked Tish if she would be able to give an interview and she agreed (I squee... like a little kid)
here is the interview.
1.      When and why did you begin writing?
I feel like I've been writing forever. Whether it's been poems, songs, or just a love note–I have always felt that I express myself best through words.
2.      What inspired you to write your first book?
Actually, the books in The Rose Trilogy aren't the first books that I've written, even though they will be the first ones to be published. My first book was actually Aradia Awakens, which is the first book in my upcoming Ovialell Trilogy. I have a very special connection to the Goddess Aradia, and creating her story of magic, loss and love was something that I felt inspired to tell.
3.      Do you have a specific writing style?
I don't think so. I do prefer it to be very quiet and dimly lit when I write. I don't do outlines, but I do use visual tools. I compile photos that connect me with my characters and their surroundings.
4.      How did you come up with the title?
I actually dreamt the title of Scent of a White Rose. I woke up and knew it would be a story about girl named Rose, and then had the other two titles pop into my head shortly after that. It was divine inspiration!
5.      Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
The Rose Trilogy is about a girl who isn't as innocent as she seems and her journey into the darkest parts of herself; some of which come as a surprise even to her. I'll admit that I didn't purposely tried to tie a message into my books, but I think a message that readers could take from them is be true to who you are and that should always pull you back into the light...maybe!
6.      What books have most influenced your life?
I think that every book that I've read has influenced me in some small way. Whether it's a story that set my imagination to flight and sparked a new idea, or a book that hadn't been edited very well that taught me what not to do; I feel that I take something away from everything I read.
7.      If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
Well, I've been lucky enough to have a great mentor throughout this entire process. I won't be naming names, though she is a best-selling author. She knows who she is! *wink* She guided me through the in's and out's of the publishing world and was a constant inspiration for me to make sure that my story was good and original.
8.      Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
I continue to refuse to answer this question. There are just so many amazing authors out there that I enjoy that I'm truly incapable of naming favorites.
9.      Can you share a little of your current work with us?
Absolutely! Here's is the opening scene from Scent of a White Rose...
I opened my eyes and felt death. The presence of it, the weight of it, the sadness of it. I couldn't believe my mom was gone. I thought the weight of it described it best. It felt like a weight on my chest...one that would never get lighter.
Dad said that we'd be okay. "Time heals everything, Rose," he always told me in that solemn tone of voice. I didn't believe him. How could I, when I could tell that he didn't even believe it?
But honestly, I didn't want time to pass. I just wanted to lay here on my bed, wide awake in my black funeral clothes, and stare at the ceiling. I just wanted to lay here remembering when my mom and I had painted my room and hung those stars and moons. They weren't the stick-on, glow-in-the-dark kind. They were beautiful crystals in all sizes and colors strung from my freshly painted black ceiling. They danced and gleamed just like we had imagined. Well, just like she had imagined. It had been her idea...my mom, the crafty one.
With a spark of wonder in her voice she'd said, “It will be beautiful and you’ll feel like you’re sleeping under the twinkling stars every night.” I wasn’t convinced. But when we were done, we opened the curtains to let the moonlight flow in, and I was speechless. She’d been right. I'd been amazed as I watched the beautiful little stars and moons twinkle and spin right there in my very own room. God, I love my mom.
I didn't want time to pass. I wanted it to reverse.
10.  Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
The technical aspect of it. I hate having to check my tenses (past or present), making sure I use the appropriate dialogue tags and all grammar related stuff. I write how I talk and that, according to my editor, is the something that makes her crazy! LOL. (Sorry girl!) And I type really fast so my brain tends to lag behind my fingers.
11.  Who designed the covers?
The amazing Regina Wamba of Mae I Design and Photography. She took my ideas and samples and made magic. (At least that's how I feel!)
12.  Which of your characters is your favorite?
Probably Christian, though Evangeline is a close second. I love how loyal and caring Christian is and the fact that he's gorgeous doesn't hurt!
13.  Which of your characters is most/least like you, and in what way(s)?

The most like me? Rose for sure. She's loving to a fault, but is still tough. And she's not afraid to do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

The least like me? Um...Bobby I guess. Obviously because he's a guy, but mainly because he's more carefree and not as tied down as the others in his clan. (I'm very "tied down" and enjoy it immensely.)
Thanks so much Tish for an amazing interview!!!!
Goodreads Synopsis
A vampire's love...
An innocent's guilt...
A secret no one could've imagined...
A paranormal romance that entices with a heroine that isn't quite what she seems, a vampire who's love story is filled with dark surprises, and a vampire clan who's Sire has lost the ability to inflict "the change".
My Review

There aren´t enough words to describe how much I love this book.
The plot is amazingly fresh, yes we are talking vampires, but in a different light, with new characteristics and great personalities.
Rose is a sweet young woman that lost her mother recently, but even though she is overcome by grief she is a strong woman, one that wants to live life at is fullest, but her father overprotectiveness and fear of losing the only family he´s got keeps her on the sidelines and forces her to lie to him and look for a way to meet with Christian.
 The love Story is extremely well developed and even though they already are an item when the story starts, the way they gravitate towards each other is fantastic. There is no dependency issues here, they love each other and would do whatever is necessary to stay together in a healthy relationship. I LOVED that!!!!!
Terrance is a touchy subject with me, he is the good guy/bad guy kind of character and I certainly don’t know enough of him to feel the way I feel but I do like him very very much, I feel sorry for the things that happen to him and I definitely would love to see a happy ending for him.
I´ve always categorized my books and this one will, without a doubt fall into the hottest Supernatural men and yes I say this because of Dax and Christian.  OMG I could have drooled over them the whole book, they are sexy, mysterious and have a heart of gold that scores big time with me.  (Tish where can I get one of those?)
I won’t say a thing about the bad guy of this story cause that would be like a mayor spoiler on my part, so I will only say this, when things start to unravel my face was like this

All i can say is, that you guys need to pick up this book ASAP it´s great .

Treasure Hunt

On each blog stop there will be a graphic of a SMOKING WHITE ROSE.You'll need to find the roses and take note of how many you find and where you are at the time.Click on the smoking rose image to link to Tish Thawer page.Once there, leave her a comment and telling her how many smoking roses you found and where you found them. (i.e.; "Today I found 3 smoking roses at The Book Nympho.")

This comment will qualify you for the giveaway!

On January 28th, She will be posting a questionnaire at her blog. The first person to answer all the questions correctly, and who has already qualified by finding all the roses - WINS!!! It's pretty simple.

Here is my Graphic


  1. Karla, Thank you so much for the wonderful review and a great interview. I had a blast!!

  2. Great tour stop!! Love the character pics!

  3. I enjoy everything in this book. This story is more than just a vampire named Christian who loves a girl name Rose. It's about Rose losing her mother and her father being over protective. The connection that Christian and Rose have is so passionate. The story worked so well as it was written. I applaud Tish for writing a great book. I'm now looking forward to the next one!!!