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Hi guys for my stop in this Amazing Tour im ging to be hosting a Character interview.

Stacey is not your every day character she´s got the groove like you wouldn´t belive.
here is her epic interview.

The Stacey (last name unknown) Interview

[This is Miley Morgan, chief editor and lead reporter for the Edenfield High Illuminator newspaper.  I've been tracking the mysterious blonde woman known only as Stacey, but she's proven every bit as elusive as Elyssa Borathen.  According to Justin, this cute and very perky blonde is also extremely dangerous.  Judging from her ample curves and well-practiced smile, I'm sure her danger is limited only to hyper-hormonal teenage boys.]

[Because Stacey has been so hard to track, I used my feminine wiles to convince Philmore Dinkleweed, a redneck who is also very good at tracking animals, to help me follow the trail of this nefarious woman.  We have finally traced her back to what appears to be an abandoned warehouse structure in Scottdale.  We are now sneaking toward the buildings.  The raucous sound of wild animals fills the air, and I occasionally hear the growl of what sounds like a beast of some sort.]

Stacey:  [Apparently having sneaked up behind us.] You are quite the persistent little beggar aren't you?

Philmore:  [Screams and runs away.]

Me:  [I manage to wet my pants only a little bit and recover like a pro reporter.]  So, you've come to face the Truthinator.  Very smart of you Miss—

Stacey:  [Smiles (but her cute little dimples aren't fooling me).]  You are very much out of your depth, little Truthinator.  [She laughs while circling me, running a finger across my back.]  Perhaps you should run home to mummy.

Me:  You're obviously British.  Do you have a green card?  Or are you an illegal vagrant living out here in this junk pile?

Stacey:  I'm afraid my proper documentation expired long ago.

Me:  A decade ago?

Stacey:  [Offers me a feral grin (which looks very convincing I must admit).]  Closer to a hundred, little lamb.

Me:  [I laugh.]  Fine, I can see this line of questioning is going nowhere.  Why are you following Justin?

Stacey:  Isn't he just too cute?  Such a young, tender thing.  But he's quite lost in this new world he's stumbled into.  He needs an experienced guide to lend him a firm hand and a gentle touch.  [Licks her lips.]

Me:  New world?  Are you talking about this Overworld thing I heard someone mention?

Stacey:  [Quirks an eyebrow.]  Perhaps you're not so foolish as I thought.  I hope you realize how dangerous such information can be, especially in the hands of a nom.

Me:  A nom?

Stacey:  [Purrs.]  Oh yes.  We call you normals 'noms' for short.  Though some of our kind call you nom-noms.

Me:  Like the Cookie Monster when he eats?

Stacey:  [Laughs.]  You are a clever girl.  Not exactly pretty, but clever.  Perhaps you should end this quest to expose Justin.  I assure you, I should enjoy being the one to expose him first.

Me:  I get the feeling you mean that in a carnal sense.

Stacey:  [Light reflects off her amber eyes like that of a wild animal.]  What other sense is there, my sweet?

Me:  You're really creepy, lady.  [I can't help but shudder and literally feel like a piece of meat as she looks me over.]

Stacey:  I am, of course, quite concerned about this Elyssa girl who seems to be abnormally interested in him.

Me:  What are you?

Stacey:  [Walks very close to me and traces a sharp fingernail across my cheek.]  That, my precious, is something you do not want to find out.

[At this moment, I notice two huge shadows slinking from the dark tree line around the complex and realize they are massive animals of some kind.  I'm a dedicated reporter, but at this point, I deem it wisest to run screaming after Philmore and hope to God he hasn't already taken off in the car.]

Pretty interesting character if u ask me lol!!! anyway if u want to know more about this book and the characters that give life to it, pls follow this blog tour.

This book is witty and fun you are def. missing out by not running like crazy looking for it.

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  1. Haha this was hilarious Karla! Great character interview and I can't wait to read. :D

  2. Nom noms!!! Love cookie monster!!! Hilarious interview!

  3. I don't think I've seen a character interview before, very interesting! New follower from http://agoddessofliterature.com