Count down starts!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys, im super super exited,my blogoversary is really near just 38 more days and this baby is going to be 1 year old.  I can´t thank you guys enough for sticking with me and checking my blog out.

When I started book addict I did it for myself, cause I needed a place where I could talk about books without people giving me the Evil eye

After a little while this blog became my home away from home, this is my safe place andi wouldn´t change it for anything.

Anyway this is just a heads up for all my lovely lovely followers I have a huge giveaway planned, I already have some swag and some books for you soo
Also if anyone would like to donate some swag or books to this giveaway I would be forever in your debt.
I have enough swag to do a 1 winner giveaway but if I get more i´ll add more winners; and I would be so thankfull that I would cry.

Ok so if anyone would like to donate a book  a bookmark or anything else, please contact me at karlaihdez@gmail.com

thanks so much guys for this almos Year and stay tuned cause the giveaway is going to go live on Sept. 25

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