Dirty little Secret #11

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This week's question:

"All your favourite characters and celebs have been entered into the SEXY OLYMPICS! Who would win your Gold, Silver and Bronze and why"
Pick only characters from books you've read THIS year.


It would have to be without a doubt Dawson from Starfire by Kate Douglas that man is a veterinarian,with some hidden hungers that need exploration, YUMM YUMM!!! he loves hot bathing pools and there are a couple of hot scenes in a bathing pool that I re read quite a few times just for the pleasure of it, what can I say, im considering on buying a hot tube, It looks promising hahahahaha.


HOLY HAWT!!!! Daemon Black by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I know, I know this book is YA but holy tamale this guy is HOT is all about the attitude an the sexy playfull roughness and it´s soooooo gooooood that I wish it was for adults cause I so want a piece of that.


ohhh yess!!!ohhh yessss!!! yess!!! him, yes!!!!

Chase Gamble from Tempting the Best Man by J. Lynn.

He is utterly sexy and damm right gorgeous.

Chase just ooze sexual competence and is alluring as hell;

He is prime Quality fantasy material

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  1. I have only heard of Daemon. I have on my YA BLOG I want to read his book.

    Have a great week.
    My DLS