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Welcome to my stop at the Deity Blog Tour, you guys now me I´m a HUGE!!! JLA fan and I couldn´t pass the opportunity to be a part of this tour.
Now, I know you guys are dying to get all the info you can and that´s exactly why you need to start checking out all the stops on this amazing tour. There are awesome guest posts by JLA herself, character interviews, giveaways, reviews and so much more stuff that you guys can miss it; but before anything else you need to know who the amazing author behind this series is.
USA TODAY Bestselling Author
Jennifer L. Armentrout
lives in West Virginia. All the rumors you've heard about her state aren't true. Well, mostly. When she's not hard at work writing, she spends her time reading, working out, watching zombie movies, and pretending to write. She shares her home with her husband, his K-9 partner named Diesel, and her hyper Jack Russell Loki. Her dreams of becoming an author started in algebra class, where she spent her time writing short stories...therefore explaining her dismal grades in math. Jennifer writes Adult and Young Adult Urban Fantasy and Romance. She is represented by Kevan Lyon of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.
Right now the covenant series has 3 published Titles: Daimon, Half Blood and Pure; Deity Comes out TOMORROW!!!!! Elixir may or mat not be a free download at Spencer Hill Press (Don´t read it if U haven´t read Deity) and Apollyon is expected to be published on April 9th 2013. YAY!!!
Ok so, yes I have a confession to make I got a Deity ARC a long, long long time ago!!!!! and I was so exited about it that I almost pass out right there.
I opened upthe SPH pack and ...

BTW a woman jumping over me without looking back, that did Happened, It just wasn´t a friend it was my mom LOL!!!

So as you guys can figure out I put away every single thing I was reading and started Deity and even placed a do not disturb sign on my door, cause no matter what, I was reading this book. It took me about 30 hrs to finish the book and once I did...

Θεότητα είναι τέλεια
Paperback: 360 pages
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
(November 6, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1937053148
ISBN-13: 978-1937053147
"History is on repeat, and things didn't go so well the last time. "
Alexandria isn't sure she's going to make it to her eighteenth birthday--to her Awakening. A long-forgotten, fanatical order is out to kill her, and if the Council ever discovers what she did in the Catskills, she's a goner... and so is Aiden.
If that's not freaky enough, whenever Alex and Seth spend time "training"--which really is just Seth's code word for some up-close and personal one-on-one time--she ends up with another mark of the Apollyon, which brings her one step closer to Awakening ahead of schedule. Awesome.
But as her birthday draws near, her entire world shatters with a startling revelation and she's caught between love and Fate. One will do anything to protect her. One has been lying to her since the beginning. Once the gods have revealed themselves, unleashing their wrath, lives will be irrevocably changed... and destroyed.
Those left standing will discover if love is truly greater than Fate...

Can you say Blown away??
This book is so good that my emotions where all over the place.
I laughed, swooned, cried like there´s no tomorrow.
Jennifer L. Armentrout is the Absolute Queen of YA with the perfect amount of action, sexual tension  and Romance. No one writes books like she does, she knows exactly what buttons to push on her readers to achive the most extreme reactions.
Deity is no exeption, we get an action packed flawless plot since the first page and the fact that JLA doesn´t need to fluff it up to make the most out of the story is impresive.
Alex grows exponentially, she learns some truths that change her view of things and is forced to take some pretty dramatic choices that set the tone for the whole book., you know... the tragedy of knowledge and how it changes things. (you´ll see what I mean when you read it =D)
I have to say that I wasn´t Team Aiden, I did like Seth a lot; the whole bad/goofy boy thing he had going on it was alluring in some weird psycho way. but at times on this book I wanted to...

Ohh Yeah!! my emotions where raw, I wanted to scream and kick some Seth butt.
Aiden was in one word Amazing!!! as always he is the one that brings some sort of balance to Alex and I´m def. happy, with how their relationship progressed... Swoon!!! this guy with his dreamy eyes and his attitude had me drooling over him like 90% of the book. I have to come clean here and say that I was Team Seth but not anymore, cause now I know that there can´t be no one better for Alex than Aiden.
Bottom line is that I laughed, Cried got angry and all angsty over this book, and I can´t wait t read the next one. The hardest thing I ever had to do was close this book and realize that I have a long wait till Apollyon gets here.
Jennifer L. Armenttrout is my fav. Author ever and after that cruel, heart stopping ending all I can say is. BRAVO!!!!! Jen you truly know how to push my buttons. I was left a mess and all I can think of is...
I need Apollyon now!!
 Ohh and in case you guys are wondering this book deserves the Book Addict + score =D
Now, Now in order to be fair with you guys im going to show you a bit about Deity, maybe that way you´ll understand why im so loving this series
 "Because I love you we share each other's problems. When we fight, we fight together. I'm going to be by your side no matter what, whether you like it or not."
"I tensed, my chest tightening. His breath was warm and tantalizing on my lips, and then they brushed across mine so softly. That simple act stole my breath, my heart. But even as he pulled away, I realized that he couldn't steal something he already had."
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Now go and buy this baby, you wont regret it  =D


  1. thanks for sharing.

  2. i love the girl pounding on the guy in the video. lol

    1. LOL!!! I know right, i swear that i wanted to kick some Seth butt =D

  3. Oh I LOVE this review! I was right there with you wanting to kick some Seth butt!!!

    Thanks for participating in the tour.


    1. Hey Val, Yeah I know. We should have a #letskickSethbutt that should be therapeutic ROTFL at least until apollyon arrives

  4. Oh God, another great opinion about this autor. I haven't read ,,Lux" and ,,Covenant" series, but I'm looking forward to read those. Absolutely must have. I heard that ,,Covenant" is similar to ,,Vampire Academy". If it's true, it's cool because I love VA and if it isn't.... that's cool too :))