Heir to a Desert Legacy by Maisey Yates (Galley Review)

Galley Review
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Print Length: 192 pages
Publisher: Harlequin Presents (April 1, 2013)
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Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romace (Adult)
Source: Netgalley
Sayid al Kadar was trained from childhood to be a warrior. He's fought, he's conquered-but was never meant to rule... Thrust reluctantly to the throne, Sheikh Sayid is shocked to discover a child who is his country's true heir, and he'll do anything to protect him, even if it means taking on the child's aunt!
Chloe James might behave like a tigress protecting her cub, but this trained soldier can see her weak spot. Taking Chloe as his bride would appease the people of his kingdom, and provide the perfect outlet for the blistering chemistry between them....
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yup, you read rigth  this ain´t another PNR or UF review, you guys know how once in a while I look for some super cool, hawt, sexy reads to wipe my mind clean of everything paranormal and start fresh.
This time I bring you a Harlequin Title; this book isn´t out yet, is going to be published on april, and guys you better put it on your TBR pile right now. That is if you want to read everything about a cute scientific book worm nerd and the Sheik she wrapps around her tiny but feisty fingers.
I Loved Heir of a Desert Legacy, Sayid is not you average romantic joe, nope he´s a tough, unemotional, sexy, asshat, that won´t give a damm about anyone else´s feeling cause he doesn´t have any to start with.
When he finds out where Chloe is hidding the Heir,  she leaves him no way out other than to bring her with him; or so he likes to think. Truth is, he´s entranced by her and well, having her in his kindom might prove helpfull in more than one way.
Chloe´s love for the only family she has, changes her life forever, she´s not only taking care of an infant; a thing she knows nothing about, but her lifelong dream is suffering too. when Sayid knocks on her door and gives her a way out she has to decide between giving away her planned out life or following her heart to Attar. The thing is that her heart want to go to another country just as bad as her body.
I really liked this book, so much that I would have loved if it was longer. Sayid and Chloe have an amazing chemistry, whether it was fighting or burning the pages (teheee) this is a couple that hold my attention during the whole book.
 The Sex scenes are unbelivable hot and very well executed, I had to use the A/C  and well, lets say my hubs is a very, very happy man. (Thank you Maisey Yates  *wide cheeky grin*) ... coof, coof... errr... Anyway here is my fav line of the book. At this point I was way beyond drooling over Sayid and after reading this well...
"Where you make your home, Ishall make mine. For without you there is no home. Your people are now my people, as mine are yours. Where you die I will die.And there they will bury me."
Where the hell, did I put that hand fan?...
OMG!!! I know right, he´s amazing, and hawt and sexy and his voice is just... *sights* yeah I´m that bad I could hear his voice, his accent I even smelled his scent. his Characterization was THAT good. Want to meet the guy I picture as Sayid??? check him out.
Yup, yup, he´s yummy I know. I just have one question...
¿Why can´t I find men like this in my country?...

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  1. What is that guy's name? He's gorgeous!