Games of Fire by Airicka Phoenix Book Review

I was given this book by the author in exchange of an honest review
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Sophie has enough problems in her life without Spencer turning her blood to fire, without his eyes freezing and burning her, without his hatred of her. Since his migration into the house
next to hers, Sophia Valdez isn’t sure whether she wants to toss him under a bus or kiss that smirking mouth of his. But even as the temperature rises around them, leaping flames of passion, want and desire,everything either has ever known will be shattered by the lurking shadow hounding their every step, wanting revenge.

Spencer Rowth moves to the sleepy town of River Port with his mother and twelve year old sister, Suzy, to escape a deceitful father, an unfaithful girlfriend and a life crumbling much too fast for him to grapple onto only to be smacked upside the head by the last thing he wanted again. Sophie was everything he refused to want. Her temper, her wit, her laugh, her smile, the way her entire body goes up in flames under his hands are things he would rather slam a lid on and forget. Instead, he finds himself falling for the smart-mouth next door. But how long will he have before the evil chasing them catches up? How long before the very thing he never wanted becomes his only thread to sanity? And who is after them? What do they want and why do they want Spencer and Sophie dead?

My Review
I loved, loved this book.
I declare myself a HUGE fan of Airicka Phoenix, her writting style and the intensity of her work are qualities I´m always looking for in authors.
This book wasn´t the exeption.
Spencer is not your average dark and dangerous guy, he´s completly hawt in a super blonde, athletic, tattoo and piercings kind of why. You know, he´s completly wrong in all the right ways LOL!!!! he´s a mayor jerk, he always say the wrong thing but seems to always be in the right place at the right time, so he ends up become Sophies personal guardian devil... *swoon*
I like my men with black hair but in his case,  I´ll  make an exeption.
Anyway, Spence is damaged, something in his past changed him and well his heart and mind are not in the right place when it comes to girls and then he saw Sophie and well, things didn´t go as he hoped.
Sophie is your average lucky girl, she has the perfect family,the perfect friends, lives in the perfect house in the rainiest place ever, she´s a kind soul always fighting for the unprotected and her circle of friends is tight, but not everything is as perfect as it seems.
Something dark has been growing near Sophie and Spencer is the only person standing betwen her and her personal hell.
I abso. adored this book, it has everything, it was fun,sad,sexy,dark,misterious. this list could go on and on.In one word, It was perfect, although sometimes I did want to slap Sophie, shake her and say "hey blondie you stupid or you just can´t see it"
I´ve read every single book I´ve been able to find from this author, I love her writting style and the way the author seems to get inside the psycos head. Not an easy thing to do.
Amazing Simply amazing.
now,now, miss Airicka anyway I can convince you to send me the scene that conveniently went to black out on valentines dance????????  I´m a grown up I can take it LOL!!!!!
Spencer Yumm!!!!!!
If you want to be a drooling mess over spencer pick this baby up, you´ll thank me later for this I know.

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  1. Oh wow! Thank you so very, very much for this incredibly beautiful review! <3