The Bringer by Samantha Towle BOOK REVIEW

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Format: Kindle Edition
Publisher: Night Publishing
Release Date: May 4th 2011
Language: English

About the Author:
Samantha Towle lives in Yorkshire with her husband her two children a cat and a dog, She is the youngest of four daughters and loves music.

her first book The Bringer was published on May 4th of 2011 her second book A Single Bite willbe released later on this year.

Goodreads Synopsis

Death is sad, love is agony.

Max was her next job. She got his name just before he died and it was for her to lead his soul to heaven. She was a Bringer.

Then Max started pleading (as they often do), but not for himself, for his son, James.

Would she look after him, would she comfort him as he grieved for the loss of his father? James was a sensitive young man. He would take his father's death very hard.

Well, Bringers don't do that sort of thing; their exclusive role is to usher souls to heaven. They are not allowed to get involved in earthly affairs.

However, when she saw James, she felt something she had never felt before - an emotion, a shock.

She was a Bringer. Bringers do not have emotions.

Yet she couldn't help herself. She found herself being drawn inexorably towards James and his life, against every instinct she had ever had, against every law of the universe.

And she fell in love.

For a Bringer, that is a terrifying fall.

My Review

I have to say, that angel have never being my thing, I tend to look away when I find a book  and the plot is about angels, that being said I’m really glad I had the opportunity to read The Bringer.

The plot is amazing Lucyna is a bringer, and she among others has the job to guide the souls of the recently demised to heaven.  She has a lot of questions and longings buried deep within her and most important of all she has no feelings cause bringers can´t feel.

The way the story develops has a steady rhythm to it, and even thou we are constantly in her head hearing all her ramblings, she isn´t boring, at times I even found funny how the little things we give for granted are so spectacular for her.

James is a young man that recently lost his father and is grief stricken, Lucyna takes into herself the duty to watch over him and she suddenly  realize that she isn´t as insensitive as she thought.

Long story short some things happens and she finds herself human an within reach of James, the way their relationship develops is great, there´s no rush, no we are meant to be, just a plain we get to know each other and fall in love as it should be and I really loved that about this story.

The bad guy at this story had  me jumping a time or two, I couldn´t believe the things he did and I won’t write more about it cause I would need to write spoilers and I really hate that, so all I’m going to say that it´s a great strong character with an evil twisting and sick mind.

I won’t say the book is perfect it does have misspells and grammar issues here and there but other than that the plot is great and is capable to take you in a beautiful ride into Angel land, which I didn´t expected  to like much less love and here I am drooling over it.

I really hope that Samantha Towle gets published, the way she writes is beautiful she mixes modern and old language but in a very new and cool way, plus I find the British accent super sexy and I could almost hear James talking and I melted along with Lucyna.

I´m certain that once she gets her chance Samantha Towle will, without a doubt on my part; become one of the Great ones on PNR history.

I gave this book a 4 star rating just for the mistakes I found but other than that,  guys you should totally check this book out ASAP


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