Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer BOOK REVIEW

I don´t have words to describe this book, it was everything I hoped for and then some.

I couldn´t help but get caught up in this book so much that I when I looked up from it last night it was 3 am, and my first thought was “Hell I’ll be drinking lots of coffee tomorrow at work” and then I looked down and… yeah you got it!!! I kept reading.

Calla´s journey through the new world she experience and the palpable knowledge that she´s free of the Keepers but not form herself was intoxicating; her struggle with her feelings, her loyalties to her pack and to her new allegiances, keeps you on your toes the entire book.

The new characters are lovable and mesmerizing, and they bring so much to the plot that you just don´t miss some of the characters of the previous book and at the same time they give you a sense of lounging cause you can see traits of the wolf pack in them.

The way Shay developed through the book was impressive and perfect, his love for Calla and the way their relationship evolves around ghost from the past was enthralling and makes you wish for Ren to appear and claim what he feels  his and his alone.

The truths we learn at each page turn are shocking and puts a “duh how didn´t I see that coming?” look on your face.

So this one is by far the best book on the series and seeing that the first one was actually a work of art, well… you guys should be running for a book store right now: D

So this one is one of my fav series so far and it earned a huge five star.


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