The Kiss of a Vampire, the Heart of a Wolf BOOK REVIEW

Author: Samantha Bates

Series: Silver Series

Format: Kindle Edition

Reading Lvl: Adult

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Self Published

Language: English

Source: Review Request

Rating: 3 out of 5

Goodreads Synopsis:
Follow Theo and Imogen on their journeys, both have been through huge trauma and moved forward from this, but are they ready for the demands their love for each other will place on them?

Theo has been betrayed in the worst possible way. Abandoned by both parents, he was brought up by the wolf pack. Although he has always known he has the loyalty and respect of the pack, he finds it hard to trust and with most people his barriers protect him from people getting too close.

Until he met Imogen, he can't keep her at a distance. Circumstances force them together where they remain while she heals from the abuse she suffered while kidnapped. Theo and Imogen finally progress their relationship but when Imogen finds the strength and courage to live life again, she is attacked by vampires. Her life yet again is out of her control, everything has changed, and she has changed. The love she has for Theo is unquestionable but she needs to find herself again.

The goddess of War has been following the lives of the Silver Pack for longer than anyone realises, when she asks Theo for assistance he takes the opportunity to give Imogen the space she needs. It is on this quest that he finds family he never knew existed.

Each has to face their own personal demons, but will they survive long enough to love and be loved by the other?

My Review:

The past has come to haunt both of them, childhood trauma and terrible experiences, has mede them into who they are, but through the whole book one question remained with me, are they strong enough?

The third installment on the Silver Series has finally arrived and it was absolutely adorable.
In this book we take a dive at Theo and Imogen´s story.

This book is by far one of the best on the silver series, the world Samantha Bates has created is unique, it has a lot of potential, and the mythological aspects of the book, are funny and very interesting.

Imogen is a troubled woman who learnes lo accept herself through the pages and u can actually see and feel how she matures and develops a sense of herself and her capabilities.

Theo is a strong wolf, head of security at pack land, over confident of himself but not others, his journey to comprehension that family sticks together, that blood do calls and love conquers all; was very exciting.

Will Theo realize that being in a pack means not to be alone again?
Will Imogen figure out that things are not always what they seem?
Will they grow together or apart?

Guess u guys will have to read this book to answer that lol!!!!!

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