The Next Thing I Knew by John Corwin

“Humanity is Extinct” this is how the book starts off, they`re all dead every single person on earth, well almost.  
We met Lucy a lovely, funny, and strong-willed girl, who died at home with her parents and baby brother; she meets with many of her friends, well actually with almost everybody else at what they think is the afterlife, and well things in this book just flow from there.
The story is enigmatic, intriguing and engaging, I found myself at two or three in the morning glued to this book and not able to let it go.
John Corwin manages to take the reader into a huge ride throw SCI FI lane, we have Ghosts, Aliens, religious fanatics and so much more.
It was like reading Michael Crichton meets George Lucas meets Melissa Mathison but in the best way possible.
The only thing that I don´t like is the “Now what” feeling I have now that the book ended…
That being said John if you don`t write a sequel for this book soon enough I’ll have to turn Kung fu Panda on you, with or without the meditation lol!!!!
The Next Thing you knew I was giving your book a five star rating just cause I can, and just cause I absolutely loved it.
You guys really need to pick this up it`s a great book!!!!


  1. The cover is so freaky, but the book sounds really good! Not like anything I have read before, going to add it to my to-read list!

  2. Hey Karla,

    Glad you liked it and thanks so much for the review!

    The sequel will be out fairly soon. I'll keep you updated. :D

    @Amy: Out of all my books, this cover is my favorite, but it does make it look a bit like a horror novel, doesn't it?

  3. the cover of this book is one of my favs so far but the story is Indescribable, it´s a really good read Amy you should check it out.

    @John good to know about the sequel, i was up an running training to go kung panda meets Jackie Chan on you!!!!lol!!!!! i want more of that world you created you just got yourself a gruppie hahaahaha

  4. Karla, you should keep working on your kung fu skills...you never know when you might need them! And maybe I'll hire you as a bodyguard! =)

  5. hahahahaha yeah i´m gonna be your Kung Fu Karla lol!!!!