Elemental (First) By Alexandra May BOOK REVIEW

Title: Elemental: The First
Author: Alexandra May
Series: Primord
Reading level: Young Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Paperback: 280 pages
Publisher: Pauma Publishing (July 22, 2011)
Language: English
Rating: 3 out of 5

Amazon Synopsis

Rose Frost receives a bracelet on her sixteenth birthday, a parting gift from her mother who claims it is a family heirloom. From that night Rose starts having vivid dreams and strange visions.

Days after, her family separate and Rose moves into her grandmother's house. Rose remembers happy childhood holidays with her grandmother, and is eager to rekindle her friendship with Hannah and Mira, the two girls she played with as a child. Rose's dreams start to involve a woman called Halíka Dacomé. A legend or a figment of her imagination, she knows not, but her grandmother, Daisy, remains reluctant to talk it.

Danger strikes one night. Rose is first on the scene after she smells burning and discovers a car that has been purposely set on fire. She is convinced that the boy in her latest vision is inside the car. The mysterious Aiden Deverill pulls Rose to safety, but not before a window explodes and a ball of fire burns them both. She uses her secret healing gift to heal the scars and to all appearances remains unscathed.
But Aiden is free from burns too and Rose doesn't know why.
She is drawn to his alluring smile, his gorgeous dark looks and hypnotizing blue eyes, but as they get closer her friends warn her off claiming that he's bad news.

Rose tries to find the truth about Halika Dacomé and more about why Aiden is so disliked, but she soon gets drawn into helping her friends solve the mystery behind the missing Warminster townsfolk. The latest missing person is her new friend Jez's father.

During the investigation she meets Morgan, a family friend of Daisy's who lives in the cottage at the bottom of Daisy's garden. He's kind, funny and clearly devoted to her, but Rose finds out that his hatred towards Aiden and his grandfather, Ben Deverill, lies rooted in a shocking event that happened years before involving both families.

For Rose, her new life is beginning but she soon realizes that people are not always what they seem, and finds it difficult to determine who to trust.

What she always believed to be a happy family and a friendly town soon turns on its head when she discovers that her family secret, Aiden Deverill and the truth behind Halíka Dacomé is at the heart of the whole conspiracy.


Alexandra May has definitely a way with words, she´s overly descriptive but in a good way, she makes you visualize exactly what she wants, you basically can see, smell feel everything Rose does and that helps a lot in a book like this.
Elemental is a book charged with information from cover to cover we are bombarded with what I guess are the basics for the series that May is going to develop.

Rose is a vibrant young girl who goes to live with her grandmother in a small and UFO friendly town there she starts having strange and vivid dreams about a woman she has never met but feels very familiar with.

She meets Aiden and at first she feels repelled by him but he starts gaining her trust and ignites a spark of something unknown within her that compelled her to stay close to him even thou everyone thinks  he´s bad news.

Morgan is a boy that lives at a cottage near Daisy´s house (Rose Grandmother) and he´s been waiting for her his entire life, such a dependable, trust worthy boy, every one Said to her, and she instantly feels the romantic connection towards him.

But things are not always what they seem, and suddenly she´s knees deep in problems and strange occurrences.

I liked this book very much; it has a very nice rhythm to it and the way May emphasizes that friendship and trust, among other things, have to be gained but easily lost; is a twist to the most common instant love and friendship we find in almost every book nowadays.

That being said the reason I only rated it 3 out 5 stars is because I felt that the way she accepted the truth about what happened around her and to her, was too easy, she´s described through the book as a very outspoken, strong, confident but most of all a person that doesn´t gives her trust easily, but when someone comes to her with shocking, earthmoving and life changing news, she´s like “ok” , and THAT I didn´t buy.

So that´s why 3 out of 5 is all it´s going to get, other than that I liked it.


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