Touch by Jennifer Snyder

I got this book on a R2R and I liked the story but I found myself not quite trapped by it.

The book has a very easy way through it, but it left me with too many unanswered question.

The story is about Rowan a young girl whose mother committed suicide a few months back, and she´s very depressed by it.

One day she has an accident and right there is where the book falls apart. She meets Jet who is as emotional as a rock but she´s instantly attracted to him.

The whole book goes by, while she is crying over her mother, thinking about her own death and making puppy eyes at Jet, surrounded by nothing; she has absolutely no one, no friends no nothing and it gets really boring after a lot of pages to keep reading the same thought over and over again.

Then almost at the end of the book she meets her destiny, some interesting things happen and then it just ends, without any explanation or answer to the million question I had.

Questions I can´t put here without a HUGE spoiler alert so, I’m not going to!!!

That being said the book is very well written, and I think that is going to be a series, and that´s why so many things where left hanging.

Will I keep reading this series? Yes of course, the plot is interesting and the few twists and turns it has are good, I just hope the next book has some answers.

BTW don´t u guys love the Cover?, it´s absolutely beautiful isn´t it?


  1. yeah i loved the cover it´s beautiful,it´s a shame really the plot is really good, but the author kind of lost herself along the way and she kept repeting the same thing over and over until the end, hope the next one is better

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  3. ohh i didnĂ­ know that on my way thx!!!