The Amazing Wolf Boy by Roxanne Smolen BOOK REVIEW

Edition: Paperback

Pages: 320

Publisher: L & L Dreamspell (October 5, 2011)

Source: Roxanne Smolen (in Exchange for an honest review)

Language: English

Genre: Young Adult

ISBN-10: 1603184139

ISBN-13: 978-1603184137

About the Author:
 I am the author of nine books ranging from science fiction romance to horror. I'm a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. I'm also blind. Let me clarify that. I see shapes and shadows but no detail. For instance, I can see where my face is in a mirror, but I cannot see my lips to put on lipstick. This may seem a trite problem, but my husband keeps introducing me as Ronald McDonald.

Writing blind can be challenging. Typing is not a problem—typos are. My computer helps solve this. Computers offer new abilities to sight-impaired people. Screen brightness, color contrast, and font size can be manipulated to meet special needs, opening a world previously inaccessible to anyone with visual impairment. Verbose computer programs can read aloud everything from web pages to email—even regular mail if you have a scanner.

When I first began writing, I used a word recognition program with playback capabilities. This is not a foolproof solution. Word recognition is at best 90% accurate, which means that nine out of ten words will be right. That's fine for a sighted person, but all I could hope for was that the word that was wrong was not a really important one. And if I was tired and slurred my words, I ended up with sentences like hatchet fizz in the goop bandana.

Today I use a computer program that echoes the keys I press and reads the screen to me. The robotic voice took a little getting used to, but I've come to rely upon it. My computer is a frustrating and essential partner. It does more than help me write. It helps me research and promote—and it connects me to other writers.

Amazon Synopsis
Cody Forester plans to become a doctor. Instead, he becomes a werewolf. The first time Cody shows fang and fur, his parents ship him off to podunkville to live with his black sheep uncle. His revised career choice is social hermit. As the new kid, he makes more enemies than friends. His high school teachers label him a troublemaker. The whole town hates him. Except Brittany. She's beautiful, with her eyes painted black and her lips dark purple. When Brittany discovers his secret, she tries to cure him using crystals, candles, and magic potions. Cody falls head-over-tails in love-but he can never tell her. Girls like her aren't for him. He's the amazing wolf boy. Astound your family and mystify your friends. While Cody moons over Brittany, a murderous pack of lycanthropes howl into town. They want Cody to join them. When he refuses, they kidnap Brittany and threaten to kill her at moonrise. Cody must master his untried superpowers or the girl he loves dies. Can he defeat the pack and save both their lives
My Review
This book is really something, it the cutes, loveliest and endearing book I’ve read.
The story is about Cody a 16 year old boy, who discovers he´s a werewolf, in the scariest way possible and then his parent decide to ship him off to Florida to a place called Loxahatchee to live with his uncle; there is where the story truly begins.
Labeled a trouble maker, he feels the odd man out until he meets Brittany, a strange girl, that changes hair color as easily as I change socks; she has a bubbling personality and she the most beautiful thing he´s ever seen.
I absolutely loved this book, is sweet and it has a lot of meaning hidden on the pages.
This book is about conquering fear, believing in yourself, accepting differences but most important is about never giving up; no matter what life throws at you, there´s always a solution.
What I like the most about this book, is that is really easy to read, it has a great rhythm, action, romance and information just flow around the pages, so much that you can´t stop reading.
Guys you really need to take a look at this book, it a great read for kids, but is funny, romantic and interesting enough to catch the attention of an adult as well.
The Amazing Wolf Boy goes straight to my Favorite books list.

Check out this book guys you wont regret it



  1. Positive and well-written review! Can't wait to read the book and loved hearing about the author. What a brilliant woman! Thanks for the post!
    Also, I fixed the comments on my blog. Thanks so much for the direction, Karla!

  2. Excellent review, and quite honest. I've read the book and can vouch for the praise offered by the reviewer. As for the author, she is brilliant and talented, but modest, and very willing to help aspiring writers like me. She deserves admiration and more.
    Molly T.

  3. The Amazing Wolf Boy is a story of how excluded teenagers feel. Cody (the hero) meets Brittany (the heroine) and all is well. But Cody is still a werewolf. Britanny is not one to give up and she finds ancient secrets that will free him. The book is exciting, and informative, and interesting. Smolen has a way with words that draw you ino the story. Buy the Book. This is a good one. Betty Housey, Author of the Kelsey Garrison Series.

  4. This book is one you will not want to put down until you finish. Chapter to chapter, you'll want to read more and more. Roxanne knows how to keep both teens and adults riveted to their chairs. She is some writer, a font to knowledge to those of us who aspire to reach her level. She is amazing, and so are her books.

  5. lovely review, I will have to check this book out, It sounds like my kind of thing, (I'm a wolf girl).