Fledgling (Tri-Realms Saga Book #2) Book Review

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Genre: Paranormal Romance YA


Amazon Synopsis:

“Something deep within my core told me that my encounters with Hannah were more than random acts of chance: There was a higher purpose – a reason – that we were repeatedly being drawn together, and it was up to me to determine exactly what that was without risking her welfare. However, my greatest challenge to this rested with three of the most powerful guardians in the Tri-Realms. And they currently headed up the tree-lined drive towards me.”

When Bree Spencer fell in love with Sebastian Templeton, her life changed forever – and now she’s beginning to realise just how much. Caught between the demands of two, often contrary, worlds and the guidance of a most reluctant mentor, life as a fledgling is far more complicated than she ever could have imagined.

And it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

When Bree meets Hannah, she once again finds herself torn between what her temporal nature dictates and her ethereal vows demand. Only this time, her decision triggers a raft of consequences that will strike at the heart of everything she has ever known – including her relationships with the Scions who will one day reign supreme.

My Review:
The second installment on the Tri-Realms Saga is everything it promised to be and then some. We follow Bree and experience through her eyes how her world changed since Anomaly (Tri-Realms Saga Book #1) ended.
After reading the first book on this series, I was captivated by the new world K.C King gloriously created and I honestly thought that the second book was going to be epic, guess what? I was 100% right.
The plot is simply flawless, and the rhythm of the book is perfectly well balanced. The Way almost all the Characters develop is incredible.
I need to say I fell in love with Alaik, and even though he seems to have a hidden agenda and a dark nature, to me he´s simply alluring and at some point my view of him changed from an open dislike of him to an attraction that can only be described as the Bad Boy Syndrome, *fan myself and sight*
Sebastian is the only character that keeps the same through both books; his love or fascination for Bree simply exists, without any real reason at least to me. Don’t get me wrong I like the guy I just feel he is flat and at some points boring, but hey his hotness can still go a long way with me lol!!!
Note to self: reading the paragraphs above I realized I’m totally Team Alaik lol!!! Anyway…
The originality of this series is the reason I’m officially a fan of K.C. King, her way with words and her vivid imagination brought to life a very powerful story about love, betrayals, past errors and life changing decisions that is sure to have Paranormal Romance fans glued to their seats.

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