Dirty Little Secret # 3

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"What supernatural power would you NOT want to have?"

Definitely, not to Sparkle under the soon lol!!!! but that´s not a supernatural power lol!!, I think I would hate to fly, I hate heights, I go Nauseous and have Vertigo so that would def. be a no,no for me lol!!.
But I think i would be more afraid of knowing the future,  to have the knowledge of all the bad things that will happen but not being able to do a ting about them, is an horrific thought.


  1. I thought of the flying thing too! I'm scared of heights as well.


  2. I wouldn't mind the flying myself, I could help superman save the world :P

    Knowing the future and not being able to change it if it was something bad would be horrid. Nice choice.

  3. I agree! Thats a really scary thought but no flying? Come on, once you get the hang of it Im sure you would love it....listen to me, Im acting like I really can fly lol