Blood Warrior by H.D. Gordon

First of all i was traped by Alexa and her strange home from the start her mother rules and strange behaviour, traps you in the same "what´s the hell is going on" that Alexa is feeling and you can´t keep but feel sorry for the girl and at the same time intrigued by it.

Her sister Nelly is adorable and at the same time i keep thinking there´s some thing more to her that i can´t put quite my finger on.

and please don´t make me start with Wolf boy, i mean i want one of those, he´s like the best friend anyone should have, you know the sexy, always there for you and will take care of you and yours till my last bearth kind of friend.

the story is extremly intoxicating you get trapped in Alexas inner turnmoil in every page turn, also when KAYDEN appears oh my!!! well that would be rambling on my part but OH MY!!! i want a piece of that!!! lol.

anyway i loved this book and i even felt dissapointed that it ended i wanted so much more i still do, and will be waiting for the next one that I hope will come out soon enough.

So if you loved VA this is something you should really consider reading.

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