Silvers Alpha by Samantha Bates (Blurb and Cover)

Here is the Blurb from Sam Bates first book of the Silver Series

Living in New York had always been interesting, but living in New York City with vampires, shape shifters and other species was really interesting. As these other species 'came out' into society there were unsurprisingly a number of problems which the Paranormal Task force (PTF) were expected to deal with, as a human and part of the PTF Lucky enjoyed the variety of her job except for the problem of her own personal stalker. Her partner, a vampire named Darius lives with the wolves of Silver Pack for some bizarre reason. What happens when the Alpha meets Lucky and decides she is 'the one' for him? The already divorced Lucky has no intention of falling for any one or other, yet can she ignore the strong, sexy and gorgeous Silver Alpha.

(Cited from Goodreads)

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