The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Fisrt of all i want to clarify that this review was made before i could put my hands oh Battle Royale so here is what i thought of this book the first time around:

"wow!!! it was great, i was glued to it from de start, so naturally i ate the book up in one day, lol!!!
great story, lots of shocking moments, and very dramatic, sensitive, tears will definetively fall moments.

the characters are great, and even thou some you only see for a few pages, they remain with you the entire book cause there really lovable or endering in some way"

i can´t honestly say that i don´t like this books anymore, that would be lying on my part, but i can certanly say that in comparison BR is so much better but The Hunger Games have a unique point of view of almost the same event, plus i did like the romance among all the bloodshed...

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