Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian

So this were my first thought on this series, but being completely honest, thisseies picked up and is now actually one of my favs.

Ok so I finished the firts book on this series a while ago and let me tell you it´s not what i thought, the truth is that the cover and the reviews of the book were interesting and the story is very very very similar to one that floods the network with fans and fan clubs; so i said to myself "you have to reas this book"

"WRONG!!!!!" this book is not bad but it´s almost a copy of J.R.Ward books and definitely leaves much to be desired. Prbably if i had read this before Black Dagger Brotherhood i would have liked it more, but after reading that work of art (there is no other way to describe BDB) well...

Thank God i´m the kinda girl that finishes a book series even thou the first book wasn´t appealing, cause let me tell you, thiswas worth every damm second I invested

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