Five (Elemental Enmity) by Christie Rich


Five it´s a really good book with a fresh plot and the characters are everything but flat and boring; since the first page your inmerse in action, the doubts and fears Rayla has during her ride to St. Mary´s sucks you up in the story, also Cassie her best friend and her reticence to speak with Rayla about anything supernatural leaves you with a foul taste on your mouth.

The story behing Kayla her powers and her destiny is a jorney that i was bound to love; the male characters are strong ones on their own, Zach and Luke bring a diferent quality to the clasic dominant male,there both strong but caring and protective of her, and both got under Kayla´s and my skin pretty fast; Taylor also has a good Quality to him wich we don`t get to explore to much cause his focus changes during de book, Jett is the only Lord that is as likable as a frog covered with warts, he`s Dominant and couldn´t care less for Raylas fellings even if he tried, and then there´s Finn, he`s cute and charming in his own way, he´s the kind of guy that fight´s for his dreams despite orders, destiny and my guess is even dead.

This book has a very very quick flow to it, that at times feels rush, and leaves an enormous amount of questions in the end, but as i´m sure this book will become a first in a very good,intriguing and amazing series, that really is not a big deal.

It got me so riled up that i flew throw it in one day, i got trapped in a world of fae, Trolls and Black winged horses; hopes, desires and secrets, and so much more.

I´m sure this will end up being a truly great story of self awareness, pasion and love and I really Hope to hear from this Author soon enough.

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