The Wolf with the Silver Smile by Samantha Bates

A few days back I was contacted by Samantha Bates who very kindly asked me if I could read and review the Second book in her Silver Series. So here it goes.
The book in one word was refreshing, we follow the Story of Morgan a young woman who had a very difficult life and in running away from said life stumbles into The Silver Pack.
Nick is the brother of the pack Alpha; he’s fun, outgoing and a total womanizer, until he meet´s Morgan, and he has to learn how to be a friend for the woman that has him bedazzled.
What I liked the most about this story was that you actually see the romance develop, it´s not the classic “we met and wham, bam thank you mam, now we´re in love “kind of novel. Their relationship grows through the book at a very comfortable pace.
I was also very intrigued by Morgan who at first was a very self-conscious and frightful woman but grows to be very independent and strong on her own; her struggle to get a rein on her emotions and fears and the way she learns to trust herself was endearing, and a lesson many of us should learn.
The story moves at a very fast rhythm, and has some glitches here and there, but still it was  an easy read, for a second book it was actually quite alright, the story behind the pack and others among them is quite entertaining, we have werewolves, vampires, witches  and so much more, and I’m quite certain we´ll get to see more of them on the next books.
I would certainly recommend this book and I’ll be looking for the next book on the series.
I´m rating it a three stars just because it has some edition problems but if they were none, it would have easily got into my five star list.

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